Quickly & easily generate cost segregation studies with Cost Seg EZ

Save time and money

Who can use Cost Seg EZ?

Our user friendly tool allows you to INSTANTLY generate cost segregation studies for your properties, unlocking powerful tax savings and cash flow benefits. Simplify your cost segregation process and get started with a FREE estimate today!

How Does Cost Seg EZ Work?

INSTANT Cost Segregation Studies

Get FREE Estimate

Simply input some basic information about your property and receive a quick, FREE estimate of the potential cost segregation benefits.

Input Data

Once you’re ready to move forward, input all the required details about your property. Our user-friendly interface and detailed instructions makes it easy to complete this step.

Generate Report

Provide payment and click to INSTANTLY generate your cost segregation report. It’s that simple!

Get Results

After generating your report, you’ll receive your results and see your estimated tax savings. It’s that easy to unlock the power of cost segregation with Cost Seg EZ.

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